#GimmeSquareTrade: The Winners

To celebrate SquareTrade’s launch with Staples, we ran a Dream Device Giveaway for Staples Associates. To enter, associates just had to send in a picture of a device that they wanted to win, along with the hashtag #GimmeSquareTrade and a caption about why they needed SquareTrade coverage.

We received over 1,500 amazing entries through Twitter, Instagram and email. Enthusiastic associates posed with props, staged accident scenarios, and showed off SquareTrade’s Staples collateral. We wish we could have chosen everyone as a winner, but in the end, 32 winners were selected. Check them out below!

2 Responses to “#GimmeSquareTrade: The Winners”

  1. Thomas Wilberts Reply October 13 at 8:28 pm

    This Plan is the worst I should have never listen to the SAMS club sales guy.I should have keep Assurian . I have a smart phone that needs to be replaced and all they can offer me at this time is a different. They are out of stock of Notebook II. Really why would I want a Different phone I am. busy and the only time you can talk to them is Mon – Fri limited hours. Oh sure you can start a claim on line but if like in my case the replacement is not available you cant talk to anyone on the weekend.

    • Hey Thomas,

      Wow, we’re so sorry to hear that you’re not happy with your experience. I found you in our system and will reach out to you right away.

      Tiffany U.,

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