What Device is Most at Risk this Holiday Season?

If National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation taught us anything it’s that while the Holidays are a joyous time for many, much of that joy comes from laughing at the many mishaps that can and will occur.

Sure, we don’t have to worry often about falling off the roof while installing the neighborhood’s best Christmas lights, but our other, most used, gadgets aren’t exactly safe! Your smartphones for example, is the Holiday season’s highest casualty with a 42% damage rate! Laptops and tablets aren’t safe either!

So how does all the device destruction ensue?

With all the running around, it’s no surprise that most accidents happen while we’re out and about! Traveling for the holidays leaves 37% of people with damaged devices as does shopping for the perfect gifts and following that traditional recipe online.

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To keep your holiday device-safe consider these helpful tips:

  • Be careful of accidental device dunks into the holiday eggnog. Keep your gadgets in your pockets while drinking;
  • Snow and electronics never mix. Keep your gadgets away from freezing temperatures that can damage batteries and melting snow that can cause malfunctions;
  • Jingle bell rocking with your gadget in hand can lead to accidental drops onto hard surfaces. Keep your electronics off the dance floor;
  • Crowded shops are a device’s nightmare. Keep your phone out of your hands while navigating crowds;
  • Cooking and baking with a gadget nearby can lead to a burnt device. Keep them away from ovens and sinks.

Simple enough, huh? Now, if the cat’s gotten in your tree, you’re on your own!