Last Minute Tech-Inspired Halloween Costumes

You’ve done it again. It’s Halloween weekend and you have no costume. Yep, it crept up and now you’re that person, the one with the unimaginative costume, the cat, the deer, or the t-shirt that says “404 Error No Costume Found”. Fear not, we promise these costumes will earn you a high-five from the tech world and might even inspire you to think outside the box.

Emojis – An emoji speaks a thousands words *winky face*


Candy Crush -The only thing more annoying would be a Candy Crush invite!


Cat – If you’re going to be a cat at least be original about it.


Internet Browsers – We especially like Mozilla Firefox (because it never crashes!)


The scariest of them all… a broken screen.


We hope this helped get your creative juices flowing. Worst case scenario, you can always go as an Apple Watch.