5 Apps to Boost Your Productivity this Leap Day

In 2016, we get a whole extra day to cross things off our to-do lists and, hopefully, find time for a little fun too. This leap day falls on a Monday, which means many of us will be trying to boost our productivity from the office. In that spirit, the team at SquareTrade has compiled a list of great productivity apps to help you make the most of your extra day.


Slack is a team-messaging tool that allows colleagues to chat within groups, arrange secure chats, share files and direct message one another. It archives messages so they’re easily searchable and it works on all iOS and Android platforms.


This app lets you write notes of varying lengths and access them from any device. In addition, Evernote offers a presentation-building function, it can collect materials you photograph and it allows you to connect and collaborate with others.

WPS Office

Find spreadsheets, word-processing and presentation-building tools all in one place with the WPS Office mobile suite. The software lets users work on Microsoft Office documents among others, making it easy to edit files of any format on the go.

Inbox by Gmail

This updated service from Gmail organizes your inbox based on the content of your emails, automatically tagging messages with “trips,” “purchases,” “finance,” “promos” or “social” so you know exactly where to look for certain emails. It also keeps your most-frequent contacts on a sidebar so you can draft new emails to them quickly.


Gone are the days of entering so many incorrect password attempts that you get locked out of a system or social platform. Keeper is a paid app that securely collects your passwords and usernames, letting you organize them by category and add fields (like ID number or security questions) as necessary.