5 Apps to Help Your Kids Make the Most of Summer

Summer is here. Your grill is barbecue-ready, your beach bags are packed and your kids are… hyper. And home from school. All day. For another month.

At SquareTrade, we love kids. We also love parents. So, with parental sanity in mind, here are a few apps that will help your kids enjoy the great outdoors this summer (and maybe even give you a little time off).

Bug Out

The little critters that thrive in your backyard, favorite parks, forests, and playgrounds can inspire curiosity instead of fear. Insect-identifying apps can help with that–try Meet the Insects. There are a few versions depending on what kinds of bugs you’ll find around the neighborhood.

Hit the Road

Got a great American road trip planned this summer? If you’re hitting the national parks, download the National Parks app by National Geographic. With photos, maps, park secrets, and tourist information, this app will get your whole family excited for the trip.

Get Crafty

Who doesn’t love a fun project? From woodworking to wallet making (ok, duct-tape wallet making, only slightly less impressive), the DIY app instructs kids on a variety of crafts and projects, both outdoors and in. The activities vary in scope, so kids can start small and take on more ambitious projects when they’re ready.

Go Green

Summer means plenty of blooming flowers and healthy green leaves for kiddos to investigate. The Leafsnap app will help them determine the names of different plants they come across, as well as learn fun facts about each plant.

See Stars

Stargazing apps, or those that help kids identify constellations, are a great way to occupy time on a clear summer night. Try the NASA app and your mini astronomers will be mapping the night sky in no time.

By Hannah Ashe