5 Tech Gifts for Moms Who Work from Home

These days many moms do it all: handle their professional business, keep the house running, make sure the kids are happy and healthy. But now that many moms may also be working from home, there are new challenges to maintaining the delicate work-life balance that all working parents strive for.

So, this Mother’s Day, why not go for gifts that will make mom’s life easier as she navigates remote working? Here are five tech gadgets for mothers working from home

1. Pick Noise-Cancelling Headphones to Give Mom Some Space

Let’s be honest: Sometimes it’s hard to concentrate when you’re working at home. Household noises can be distracting—TVs blaring, kids playing, dogs barking. So maybe the best gift for mom this Mother’s Day is a pair of noise-cancelling headphones.

Bose is the go-to brand for noise-cancelling headphones with its superior quality and sleek designs. The Bose noise-cancelling 700 headphones come in three gorgeous finishes and all feature Bose’s first-rate speaker quality.

Each pair of 700 headphones also feature four built-in microphones, which mean crisp audio with less background noise for music and phone calls.

Plus, Bose offers its SoundProtection plans, which cover things like:

  • Broken headphone headbands
  • Speaker malfunctions
  • Damage as a result of an accidental drop or spill

2. Go for a Do Not Disturb Sign so No One Zoom-bombs Mom’s Video Calls

If you want more of a fun but still practical gift for mom’s home office, a light up sign to let others know she’s on the phone, on a video call or otherwise occupied and shouldn’t be bothered, is a great choice.

Choose from:

The Luxafor Bluetooth is a bluetooth-enabled sign that lights up in red, green or other colors. Mom can set it from her phone or computer and even sync it with her calendar to change automatically.

3. Mimic Mom’s Setup at the Office with a Portable Extra Computer Monitor

Mom may be missing her office setup while she works remotely. One way to make her more comfortable in her home office, especially if she’s working on a laptop, is a handy portable extra monitor.

This extra monitor from SideTrak attaches directly to the side of a laptop via a USB connection. Mom is sure to appreciate the extra screen space when she’s comparing documents or poring over detailed Excel spreadsheets.

4. Give Mom a Wearable Tech Device to Keep her Health in Focus

If she doesn’t have one already, one of the many wearable tech pieces out there may be a great Mother’s Day gift option.

Of course, there’s:

  • The Apple Watch, which tracks heart rate, calories burned, breathing and more 
  • The Fitbit, which is great for tracking steps
  • The Google Watch, which provides workout tips based on prior activity

For a more discreet tracker, check out tech jewelry like Bellabeat, which can be worn as a necklace, bracelet or clip. Get mom to download the Bellabeat app on her phone and her smart jewelry will send all of her sleep, activity and even stress information from her tracker right to her phone.

5. Gift Mom Her Own Coffee Maker

Another thing mom may be missing during remote working is the office’s deluxe coffee setup.

If the mother in your life is lamenting her time apart from the office coffee system, why not gift her something that will replicate the experience at home?

Nespresso makes two compact models that don’t take up much room but will brew all of the Nespresso flavors mom loves. Choose from the Pixie or the Essenza Mini. You can order either with or without a milk frother.

Or, go for a multi-cup machine like the Cuisinart 14-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker. Like the name says, it’s programmable to start brewing whenever you want. Plus, it has a self-cleaning mode, which only adds to its effortless feel.

If there’s room in the budget, check out the KBG Glass Carafe Brewers from Moccamaster. Handmade in the Netherlands, these coffee machines feature precise timing and water temperature for the best-tasting coffee. The KBG also has an automatic drip stop, so mom can top up her mug while the pot is still brewing.

Any gift that helps mom maintain a comfortable work-life balance could be a hit this Mother’s Day.