5 Tips on How to Protect Your Devices Over Spring Break

Spring Break

Spring break is known for many things– wild parties, out of control teens and… the perfect storm for device disaster? That’s right! Did you know that an estimated 7 million cell phones and tablets have damaged during previous spring breaks? The most common places of death for the mobile devices are:

  • At a beach, lake or pool — 39.9%.
  • In the outdoors — 23.9%.
  • In a bar or club or at a party — 21.8%.
  • At a concert or in a crowd — 9%.
  • On a cruise — 5.3%.

Spring Break

Here are five simple tips to help spring breakers avoid any sticky situations. Don’t worry, you can still fist pump your night away.

1.     Don’t use a phone in the bathroom. A selfie photo shoot is best left to the bedroom.
2.     Make sure to check pockets before any impromptu jumps into the hotel pool.
3.     Resist the urge to take photos of cocktails: less of a chance for a phone to end up in a piña colada.
4.     Stick to physical books and magazines on the beach.  Sand is no friend to e-readers.
5.     Practice phone-free first pumping.

Don’t let a broken device ruin your spring break!