7 Stress Busting Gadgets You Need for the New Year

It’s a new year, and the holidays have come and gone. Tradition heralds the holiday season as the most wonderful time of the year. But between unrealistic expectations, family drama, and exhaustion, the holidays are often the most stressful time of all. A 2015 study conducted by Healthline found that 62 percent of participants felt elevated stress during the holiday season. And remaining at high stress levels is even worse, with long-term negative impacts to your health and relationships. It’s time to relax and pamper yourself. Start 2019 off on the right foot with these stress busting gadgets.

Mini Buddha Board. Channel your inner peace with this Mini Buddha Board. The magic painting surface lets you express your creativity freely through brushstrokes without fear of messing up.

USB Essential Oil Diffuser. Get oily at work with a USB aromatherapy diffuser. This essential oil diffuser has all the healing properties of any other, except that it also plugs into your laptop or other USB port. Now you can get an energy boost, decrease negative emotions, and de-stress while you’re at your desk.

Spire. Learn to regulate your breathing with a techy stress buster. Boost mindfulness with guided meditations and head off stress before it gets to you, all in this little device.

Click & Grow Smart Garden. Get a smart indoor garden, and boost your health and happiness by growing fresh plants right in your home. It’s called kitchen farming, it’s NASA-inspired, and it really works to grow herbs quickly, indoors.

Verliux HappyLight. Beat the winter blues with bright light therapy. Bring light into your house that mimics the sun’s bright rays all winter long. The benefits include improved mood and better sleep. Be sure to consult a doctor before using.

Tabletop Fireplace. Nothing soothes the anxious mind like a crackling fire. Build a fire on your tabletop anytime and calm your nerves as you watch the flames dance.

Muse. Reduce anxiety with biofeedback technology. Get calm with The Muse Headband, which sends brainwave data to your phone. This device reads your mental activity, and guides you to calmer states with nature sounds.