A Wallet that Charges your Phone?

Are you a fan of multitasking? Then this snazzy new wallet by Nomad might be for you.

It works just like your traditional wallet does – carrying cards, money, Ids, and the occasional movie stub – but it also charges your iPhone!

Equipped with a lithium-ion battery and compact circuit boards, Nomad went the extra mile and used an SoC microprocessor and 01005 grade components (what?), making this badboy a full on 2400 mAh battery! In layman’s terms, it’s really awesome at charging your iPhone 6s.

You’d think this wallet was super huge and bulky but it’s actually pretty slim. Check out the pic below:


It seems like it’s the same size as a regular wallet, but much can’t be said about the weight without having tested it out myself. The website boasts Apple certification: it’s been tested in extreme temperatures both hot and cold and the plug itself is purchased directly from Apple.

So how much will this wallet set you back? You can pre-order and be all charged up for $79.99.

via DesignTaxi