Apple Watch, ‘Cause Everyone’s Doing It

Do you have Apple Watch fever yet? I’ve been on the fence about whether I should buy one – or some type of wearable – for a while now, so I’ve pulled together a pros-and-cons list to help me make a decision. Since I’m already doing the research, I thought I’d share with all of you!

Let’s start with the pros.

Easy access to notifications; when you’re on a crowded bus or simply running errands there’s no need to dig around for your phone to wonder who is calling you or if that text buzz was an important text buzz or just a normal “hey what are you up to?” text.

Fitness tracking is baked in; there’s no need to be another fitness tracker when it’s built into your watch. The Apple Watch also rewards you with “trophies” for a job well done during the day. The heart rate monitor could also serve as a conversation starter – I’ve seen this happen…

Apple Pay; you can go on a run without your phone and still stop at Whole Foods to grab a quick snack! Since your credit card data is stored locally, you don’t need to be within your phone’s Bluetooth range to pick up something quick at Apple Pay-enabled stores.

What goes up must always come down, so a list of cons for you – though most of them don’t seem to be real deal breakers.

You can’t really use it without your iPhone around; it needs it for the data connection to serve you with notifications and directions. However, how often do we leave home without our phones anyway? Exactly.

The screens are still very small; I’m a pretty average-sized woman and even I think the “large” screen is still a bit small. I’d like to see a bigger screen size.

Left handed woes; if you’re left-handed, you will actually be wearing your upside down, though the actual screen content will still be right side up. This just means the “digital crown” will be on the opposite-side compared to your right-handed friends.

Feature limitations. Unlocking some of the cooler features – like heart rate sharing and sketch sending – requires the person you want to share these with to also have an Apple Watch. But this could just mean you convince someone else to get one as well!

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If I buy a watch, I think I’ll go for the hot pink Apple Watch Sport – what about you? Tell us in the comments!
By Aida Zepeda-Torres