Best Apps for Empty Nesters

You’re at a place in life where you can breathe easy and relax. The kids are off to college or are starting families of their own, you’re at or nearing retirement, and you’ve decided to make these years count. We’ve curated a selection of sites that enhance life and keep you in the know about what’s available. Here are some smartphone apps for empty nesters that will make your life more enjoyable! 

Travel and Trip Planning

If you are looking for an all-inclusive app where you can purchase and manage flights, hotels, and car rental reservations, named and as the most flexible and customizable, respectively.  As aggregator travel sites, these sites are programmed to scour the internet and find the best prices on all things travel-related.  Another site worth a notable mention is Momondo, a subsidiary of that Forbes Magazine has on its list of 2020 Top Travel Sites noting its intuitive meta search engine as a standout feature.

Sometimes, you already know how you’re going to get there and just want to compare accommodations. and, are two great hotel aggregators that glean the best prices based on destinations and dates. And if it’s luxury accommodations that interest you for that special occasion, then hands down is the best!

The trend in home rentals is booming and and are online marketplaces for those looking for interesting places to stay.  Airbnb now also includes experiences that can range from extreme sports to cooking classes to wine tours. If you’re into RVing, join where they offer free overnight spots at over 1,000 wineries, vineyards, breweries, and sustainable farms.

Free Courses and Language

So, you want to learn to code or speak Italian or play piano… no problem.  There are many free apps available like that aggregates free courses from 190+ universities like MIT, Stanford, and Penn State. and offer tons of languages and, don’t forget, where you can learn almost anything!

Local Dining and Cultural Events

Most communities have websites and apps that highlight and link to local events, dining venues, farmers’ markets, etc.  There are a couple of sites worth checking out that can be defined for your specific area:, WorldwideEvents, and

Investing/Trading and stand out for low commissions and excellent apps that feature market news, technical charts with tons of indicators, and rich trading tools. For advice, economic news, and helpful strategies, try or your brokerage site.

Food/Cooking, Nutrition, and Exercise

Staying healthy takes on a new urgency as you reach 50 and beyond. provides a great place to find just the right recipe or diet and you can save pictures (with links) to a set of boards that you set up and curate.  Some other top choices include,, and  For fitness and exercise, try ClassPass – a membership allows you to try different studios and fitness classes all over the world!

Without a doubt, we are living in a spectacular time where information abounds.  These apps can empower your curiosity or point you in a new direction. The kids will have to keep tabs on your whereabouts on