You Can Own Your Very Own Robot in 2016

There were two types of kids when I was growing up: those who LOVED RoboCop and those who had nightmares after watching it. I was the kid who took it to another level and collected RoboCop action figures and was mildly obsessed with playing the video game.

Subsequently, any robot movie that came out after RoboCop – Chapie, Big Hero 6 – made me wish for my very own robot pal. Well, now thanks to Sharp, both you and I can soon be the proud owner of a robot shaped smartphone.

RoBoHon is an adorable little robot that doubles as your smartphone and has so many nifty tricks that you’ll forget about how weird it might be to talk into a tiny robot man.

With it’s animated eyes, arms, and legs, RoBoHon can take a pictures and display it via its projector. Much like a traditional smartphone it has WiFi, 3G, LTE, voice and face recognition, sports an LCD screen, and runs on Android. Us? We like how it gently tells you to wake up in the morning or reads your text messages to you.

You be the judge. Take a look at this video below and let us know if you’d swap out the conventional smartphone for this much cooler RoBoHon!