Be an Eco-Citizen: Introduce Your Community to a Convenient and Easy Way to Recycle E-Waste

We all try to recycle and already incorporate earth-friendly changes into our daily routines.

Perhaps you reuse cloth bags when shopping, clean your home with natural products, or bike to work. Likely you and your neighbors have accumulated a significant stash of old electronic devices – cell phones, MP3 players, and tablets that SquareTrade wasn’t able to help save. Well, believe it or not, there is tech you can recycle and It’s time to make an even bigger eco-difference.

Encourage your local officials to install an ecoATM, where you can recycle your electronics for cash.

Here’s how it works. The ecoATM is a self-serve kiosk that evaluates your device, even if it’s not working or is broken. After assessing your device’s condition both visually and electronically, the ecoATM searches a database of reputable buyers from all over the world to determine your device’s value. You are then offered a price, up to $400. After agreeing to sell your device, and to deter theft, the ecoATM will ask to scan your valid state ID and capture an image of your thumbprint.

Where does your old device go? All electronics are responsibly recycled. Most are reused. The remaining are sent to facilities that are certified to remove the device’s toxins and repurpose its precious metals.

While you’re doing your part to save the environment, you can be philanthropic, too. EcoATM makes it easy for you to donate part of your proceeds to a favorite charity before it dispenses your payment. Then you receive cash on the spot.

Since launching in 2008, California-based ecoATM has won many awards, including accolades in the entrepreneurial, green, and tech sectors. The company has approximately 1,900 kiosks installed across the country and was recently acquired by Outerwall (formerly Coinstar) for $350 million to significantly expand its ecoATM presence throughout the United States.

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