Cool Gifts For Every Mother Out There

Skip the flowers.

Do you have an extraordinary mother, but tend to give plain old ordinary Mother’s Day or Christmas gifts? Maybe it’s time to think outside the box of chocolates this year and get her something awesome. Lacking ideas? Read on…

For the Coffee Lover

Whether your mother runs on caffeine or simply likes to splurge on the occasional latte, the Breville Barista Express at-home espresso machine will let her pull a perfect espresso shot in less than a minute. Though this stunning, stainless steel machine isn’t cheap, it does come with the added benefit of great coffee whenever you visit your mom.

Cold Hands, Warm Heart?

Finding that perfect balance between being comfortable and keeping the energy bill down can be tricky. Enter Nest thermostat: by using it manually for one week (turning down the heat at bedtime and up in the morning, etc.), it actually learns your habits and programs itself. That means that the house will be toasty when she wakes up, and automatically set to a cooler “eco mode” when she’s sleeping or away. It also comes with an app that lets users control the temperature in their homes remotely. Best of all, it’s easy to install and use.


It’s possible that all your mom wants this year is a little peace and quiet. Luckily, that’s a wish you can grant with Bose QuietComfort noise-canceling headphones. Lightweight and comfortable, these stylish headphones significantly reduce background noise at work, home, or while traveling.

A Journey of 10,000 Steps

A fitness watch is a must-have for active moms. The Fitbit Alta is the slimmest of the Fitbit line, so it’s comfortable to wear and easy to use. The watch tracks steps, calories burned, active minutes, mileage, and more. She can even challenge her friends to step or distance competitions each week.

Breathe Easy

Similar to Fitbit, Spire is a wearable health tracker. But while Fitbit tracks heart rate and physical activity, Spire measures your breathing patterns and respiration rate. It also senses when you’re tense and sends you breathing exercises and short meditations to help keep anxiety under control. The design is cool, too—it looks like a small pebble that simply clips onto a belt or bra.

For the Book Worm

From its comfortable, ergonomic design, to its ridiculously long battery life and crisp, I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-paper screen display, the Kindle Oasis is well worth its price tag if your mother is an avid reader.

There you have it! Hopefully we’ve given you some ideas for non-traditional gifts she’ll love. As they say: when Mom’s happy, everybody’s happy. (So, go ahead and throw in those flowers and chocolates for bonus points!)

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