Customer Care Team Party

Once the clock struck 5:00 on Friday evening, the keg was tapped, the Mexican food delivered and the calls stopped coming in. While everyone ate enchiladas, mole and rice and beans, Linda gave an inspirational speech and Kord, Susan, Bea and Christine presented awards to the famous and the infamous of the SquareTrade WSS team (or, as I recently learned it’s pronounced, “Wuss”). Once the (semi) serious part of the evening was over, the Pictionary, video games and slang flashcards were broken out. Check out the photos and tell us what else went down if you were there!

First…the food! Yum…

Then, the awards!

Highest Content Smackdown—Jerrymiah and Andy

Jerrymiah and Andy are Warranty Support Specialists. Jerrymiah has worked here for six months and he’s happy about the award because it validates that he’s making a positive contribution to his team, and more importantly, the customers.

Andy has worked at SquareTrade since August of last year and he’s happy he has a warranty for his fiance’s Google Nexus S smartphone, because she can be pretty clumsy. He’s really grateful for his fellow agents who have helped him get to the content smackdow, and it’s good to know he’s helping the company.

As for this whole competition thing, neither of them seem too worried about it. Jerry’s just going to keep doing what he does, and Andy is just going to pay close attention to the claims and make sure everyone ends up happy. He’d be stoked for Jerry if he came out first, and he’s just going to do his best to keep it real.

Infinity and Beyond—Joseph (pictured with Linda’s ponytail)

Joseph is a Claims Specialist who has been with SquareTrade since August of 2011. He’s happy he has a warranty on all of his major electronics (iPad..iPhone…TV…) and he thinks it’s important to take the time to lend a helping hand, because even the smallest of deeds can go a long way. Sounds like he really got to the core of his award!

100% NPS Superstars—Susana & Tiffany

Susana is a Claims Specialist who has been with SquareTrade for almost five months. She’s going to get an iPhone soon, and she’s pretty excited about having a warranty for it. Her secret to being a 100% NPS Superstar? “I put myself in the customer’s shoes so as to get and give all the information that is needed to make the claim process as smooth as possible.”

Tiffany is a Warranty Service Specialist who has been with SquareTrade since this past October. She should probably have a warranty on all of her electronics because she has “butter fingers” (join the club!) but she does have a warranty on her beloved iPhone. She’s a 100% NPS Superstar because she’s resourceful and honest to the customer, and they really appreciate her help!

Congratulations, ladies!

Best Time Management—Joey 

(He comes in at 5am, so understandably he had headed home by the 5pm party. Here’s a photo of everyone clapping for him.)

Joey is a Warranty Service Specialist and has been with SquareTrade for three years as of July 7th (wow!) and he’s happy his camera and two LCD TVs are warrantied. Not only is this award for his flawless attendance record, he logs in before 5am every morning. How does he do it? “I am an early bird by nature, so it is no problem for me to wake up so early. Oftentimes I actually wake up before my alarm by a few minutes.” Now that’s impressive!


Cesar has worked for SquareTrade for a year and he’s definitely getting a warranty on his new Nook Color. The reason for winning this award? “Backcore for posture alignment, ego mouse, exercise ball for occasional stretching and excessive bouncing.” I wonder if it’s his sweet setup that gives him a great sense of humor?

A few other noted awards…

Fastest Mute in the West—Terrance


Once that was done, the real fun began. John looks pretty comfortable there…

Erik’s drawing…Pinocchio?

Mike and Bea look like they’re enjoying themselves. All in all, it was a great party for some very well-deserving people.