Day 2 of CES: Samsung VR, Polaroid Play and More!

Major, hours-long blackout aside, Day 2 of CES was a blast!

There was even some time to venture out of the booth and explore a teeny tiny fraction of the almost 50 football fields of technology around us. And though one could walk around CES non-stop for a week and still not see everything, here are a few of the fun gadgets (and much larger innovations!) we stumbled upon on Day 2 of CES.


This was a fun, hands-on demo of an item that will probably be a popular holiday gift next year. With the Polaroid Play gun, you can create 3D designs in real time, using brightly colored filament that hardens in seconds.

SAMSUNG VR (@SamsungMobile)

VR is seemingly everywhere at CES this year, with lots of interactive demonstrations. We stopped at the giant Samsung Galaxy display to see an entire group of people go for a synchronized wild ride, and watched as volunteers tried out an individualized, simulated driving experience. The lines were pretty long, but we may go back and try it out tomorrow!


Another common thing to see at CES this year are prototypes of future autonomous cars. Panasonic’s vision for a future autonomous passenger vehicle got our attention—mostly because it looks so fun to ride in! It’s also got features like individual, air-conditioned seats and windows that tint with just a touch.


We picked these because the design caught our eye, and then we were pleasantly surprised to see that House of Marley products are crafted from mindfully sourced materials like recycled paper, organic cork, and FSC certified wood.


LGs immersive OLED “cannon” walkway is almost more set design than consumer electronic, but it does show off their technology in a pretty spectacular way. Walking through the corridor, you’re surrounded by striking nature scenes in a way that makes you feel like you’re on a Disney ride. We may have gone through twice. Check it out here.

On to Day 3!