On Day 3 of CES: Flying Car Drones and More!

On Day 3 of CES, we got a chance to explore the outdoor parking lot area that a number of large vendors have transformed into an interactive village. From the chairs around a crackling fire pit, to a large music concert, to the foot trucks lined up along the perimeter, to the excited people milling around, it felt a lot like summer again! Here’s what we saw.


Part flying car, part drone you can actually sit in, this working two-person “Voloraptor” by Intel could actually be the taxi of the (albeit most likely very distant) future. Either way, it’s very cool to look at, and the live demo got CES attendees very excited!

GOOGLE (@google)

Google’s CES footprint is pretty enormous, from branding the monorail and billboards all along the Vegas strip, to their actual display. Complete with a giant slide, a monster-sized gumball machine that spits out valuable prizes ($75 gift cards, Google tech items and more—it’s a popular feature!), and extras like a robot-mixed juice bar, they have everyone who walks by captivated by the seemingly adult playground they’ve created.


Finally, we rounded off our night with a show at the Gibson Guitar building, where the fog machines and concert lighting were too intriguing to just walk by. If you’re here, stop in, grab a drink from the friendly bartender, and check out a song or two.

One more day to go!