Everything you need to know about Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress is all about showcasing the latest and greatest in the mobile industry. It also doubles up as a conference where big wigs from the world’s most notable mobile operators, devices manufacturers, and tech providers launch new smartphones, technologies, and accessories.

In case you missed it, here are the Internet’s top headlines:

LG Came Out Fighting at Mobile World Congress – Engadget.com

The G5 and its show-topping accessories stole the show.

Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge launch: Everything you need to know – Androidcentral.com

Pre-orders are available starting February 24th and sales begin on March 11th. The new Samsungs feature a refined design, 12MP camera and it’s waterproof.  The 12MP from the previous 16 doesn’t mean less quality. The lower pixel count means that each individual pixel is bigger. Translation: the phone’s camera is better in low light. Customers also luck out with free Gear VR and six games.

Microsoft’s Lumia 650 – TheVerge.com

A mid-range business phone that has an interesting design compared to the 950.

Motorola (Brand) is Alive and Doing Well – Techcrunch.com

You can expect more mid-priced range phones like the Moto G and E, as well as Lenovo. Tablets are going to be branded Lenovo. Branding issues are a work in progress during the company’s acquisition process.

X marks the spot for Sony’s new Xperia X phones – cnet.com

Sony’s new phones, Xperia X and XA, are pretty. Features include a curved glass display, metallic rear, and a 23-megapixel camera. According to Cnet, the phone’s performance was “sluggish” however, they were merely prototypes. The final product should be available this summer.

Sony’s Ear Puts an AI in Your, Er, Ear – Gizmodo.com

The earpiece uses a proximity sensor that lets your phone know when it’s in your ear and then it tells you about the weather, social updates and missed calls. You an also ask it for directions.