Floating Bonsai Tree: Great Conversation Starter

Imagine yourself throwing a housewarming party. Instantly, you worry about drinks, snacks, and entertaining your guests. Are they enjoying themselves? Is the food good? Is everyone mingling? The pressure!

Now imagine you had a floating plant to flaunt and serve as an instant icebreaker. Party success! Air Bonsai, as seen below, levitates easily with the use of magnets and mesmerizingly entertains as it floats effortlessly mid-air.

The floating plant is already kicking Kickstarter butt, raising well over it’s 80K goal. The kit comes with an “energy base” and a top half (Little Star) that will host your plant. For $200, this magical mossy ball of fun can be yours, or for $30 more, own a levitating laval stone instead!

Are you not entertained?! Check out more info here.

Via Mashable