Halloween Tech Hacks for Everyone!

This year, ensure that your night isn’t ruined from being unprepared. Whether it’s decorating or keeping track of your kids (and friends) here’s a list of techy things that will help your Halloween run smoothly.

Timer for Your Pumpkin

Halloween lovers rejoice at the idea of using LED lights and a light timer instead of the traditional candle. Just carve your pumpkin as usual, but instead of lighting a candle every night, opt for Christmas lights and a timer to schedule when your pumpkin is on and when it’s turned off for the evening.

Safety Apps For Parents

Kids can be very stealth, like ninjas. One minute they’re right in front of you and the next, they’ve skipped out of sight. Avoid the mini-panic attacks and track your kids at all times. Using safety apps like Family Locator not only allows you to get real time updates on your kids’ whereabouts, but you’re also notified when they reach their destination. If you do lose “Timmy” on Halloween, rest assured this app will help you find him!

You can also opt to go the wearable route. My Buddy Tag lets you set up a proximity range and alerts you when your child steps out of it. It’s also equipped with a panic button your child can press if there is an emergency. Be sure to let them know that “lame” candy does not qualify as an emergency.

Wi-Fi Cameras for the Mischievous

Halloween is no stranger to the mischievous. Installing a Wi-Fi camera in your pumpkin or life-size ghoul gives you a leg up on kids egging or tee-peeing your house.

Drunk App for Single Adults

Everyone has that friend who ends up passed out on someone’s front lawn. Save your night (and possibly their lives) by installing “Drunk Mode” on your phone and keep track of your buddies via GPS. They need to be using the app as well so be sure they download before you head out. New features also show when a friend has reached home safely or if they go missing. As a bonus, the app also stops you from drunk dialing friends (or exs) and also hooks you up with a ride home if needed.

Portable Juice For Everyone

Portable battery chargers are a must generally speaking, but especially so when you’re headed to a Halloween party. Depending on your venue, outlets may be scarce and no matter what, your phone’s battery won’t last all night. No phone? You’re in for a load of trouble and anxiety. A dead phone means no texting your friends when you lose them (see Drunk Mode above) or worse, no way to call an Uber when you’re far away from home. You can pick up a portable battery charger at most pharmacies if you need one last minute, or you can do your research and get the best one available.

Happy Halloween!