High-tech Bags for People on the Move

There was a time when the standard brief case was the go-to bag for work. But with the advent of laptops and other electronic gadgets, the traditional bulky briefcase is no longer suitable.

What works better now, and allows for people to live and work on the go more than ever before, are high-tech backpacks or messenger bags. These multi-purpose carriers can easily handle everything from laptops to external hard drives to clothing and food.

High-tech bags can do a lot of things you probably didn’t realize they could. Here are some cool and useful ways a high-tech bag could make life on the go just a bit easier.

These Bags Have Space for Everything

It’s not uncommon for backpacks and messenger bags to have up to three compartments. This has been fairly standard for decades.

But today three compartments may not be enough. When we’re out and about, we carry our essentials that might include a variety of things like:

  • Laptop
  • Tablet
  • Snacks/drinks
  • Wallet
  • Books
  • Power cords
  • Earbuds
  • Extra clothes

One of the best examples of a bag with ample room for all of your necessities is the High Sierra XBT TSA Messenger bag. It features room for a 17-inch laptop, a tablet sleeve, multi-pocket organizer and mesh beverage pockets.

High-Tech Bags That Double as a Power Source

People on the go understand that one of the most important aspects of traveling with electronics is the ability to plug into a power source. Many of today’s bags allow for this very thing by including one or more USB charging ports.

While most laptops still require an AC outlet, tablets, smartphones, ear buds and other smaller devices can power up through a USB port. Many high-tech bags now have one or more ports either on the inside of the bag or conveniently placed on the outside for easy access.

When not in use, you can simply plug your bag into a wall socket at home. Then, when you need to run, your bag is all powered up. This is a critical convenience for people who regularly use their devices all day.

Don’t worry if an AC socket isn’t available as solar energy can also power some bags. A great example of a solar-powered bag that also features multiple USB ports, lots of space for your electronics and is also made from recycled plastic bottles is the Voltaic OffGrid Solar Backpack.

Your Bag as a Stereo Speaker

If you think it doesn’t get any better than solar-powered bags with multiple USB ports, then you’re in for a treat. Several bags available today feature many of those conveniences in addition to a Bluetooth speaker. Whether you’re hiking in the woods or chilling on the beach, portable speakers inside your bag are a great convenience and there are several manufacturers that offer this feature.

One in particular is very suitable for those who also ride motorcycles and scooters: the GDM Specter Motorcycle Backpack. This bag features multiple compartments for your laptop and gadgets, several USB ports and riding gear—all with a built-in speaker. And, the bag is also water resistant. This comes in handy during those sudden rainstorms while you’re out on your bike.

What Else can High-Tech Bags Do?

The bags mentioned above all include multiple compartments as well as a host of other features. One additional feature that most of these bags have is TSA compliance, meaning you don’t have to take your laptop out of your bag when going through airport security.

Another handy feature of some high-tech bags is identity theft prevention. Thieves sometimes try to steal sensitive information from passports and credit cards via radio waves. But a bag that has radio frequency identification (RFID) blocking technology blocks these attempts so you can be confident your bag is protecting your identity and important documentation.

Travelon makes an anti-theft backpack that can fit your laptop as well as a host of other accessories. It comes with an RFID-blocking compartments where you can store your wallet, passport and anything else you want to protect.

For those carrying heavy equipment, Vertepac makes a convenient harness for use with its backpacks. The harness allows for even distribution of weight so that arms and shoulders don’t get fatigued. This is ideal for those who bike or walk long distances with their laptop and accessories.

Bags have come a long way since the briefcase. Today’s highly versatile high-tech models are ideally suited for those on the go. And most importantly, neither rain nor lack of a USB port will keep you from getting the most from your high-tech bag.