Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are a joyous time for many, but the added stress of getting your loved ones the “right” gift is enough to gift everyone with gift cards instead! Not to fear, we got you covered. SquareTrade asked the people what tech gadgets they most wanted this holiday season and the results are in: the iPhone 6s, the iPad Mini, and Drones top the wish lists!

The iPhone 6s will set you back about $649 but based on our breakability tests, these phones are your best bet.Trailing behind, but not too far, are wearables – from the Apple Watch to the Fitbit – people seem to dig their 007-type gear.


Rounding out the list were GameBand MineCraft (so you never lose a world again) and Petzi Treat Cam. Petzi Treat Cam is an awesome device that lets you be at home with your pets even when you need to be at work.

Don’t know a pet owner? If you’re looking for something a little more stylish for the ladies, consider these options below:



It seem like it’s the year of the wearables. This ring discretely lets you know when important people are trying to reach you by sending through a small vibration. You can get yours here.

Michael Kors Duracell Powermat Charging Kit

Power cords and chargers don’t have to be ugly. This power case and charging PowerMat charges your phone wirelessly and easily.

AR for her Fashion Bluetooth Speaker


Every girl should have a soundtrack for her life. Now, with this super cute portable speaker (that looks like a clutch) you can bring those tunes with you wherever you go.

Don’t forget, you can also give the extra gift of protection this holiday season with SquareTrade.