Freak Phone Accidents: How People Damage Their Smartphones

It’s not always about about dropping your phone and shattering the screen!

Whether it’s your clumsiness, everyday life, or just plain bad luck, accidents happen in the weirdest of circumstances! We know. SquareTrade has compiled a list of the top craziest claims we’ve seen to date and some of them may surprise you! Read on:

Exercising PSA

“I was running on a treadmill when I accidentally dropped my phone. It fell inside the treadmill and was smashed into many pieces.”


Game Changer

“I work on a golf course and was hit by a golf ball – right at the pocket where I keep my phone. The ball crushed the phone, broke the glass and now it won’t turn on.”


Hot Dish

“I’m a chef and work in a kitchen. During the lunch rush, my phone popped out of my coat pocket and into the deep fryer.”


Go Team!

“I spilled beer on my phone while attending a Tampa Bay Buccaneers football game. The phone then fell down some stadium stairs and split in half.”


Curious about some of the other outrageous claims that we’ve gotten? Here are a couple more:

  • I was taking photos of food for a restaurant when the chef decided to help. He dropped my phone in a bowl, cracked the case, got root beer bbq sauce in all the bottom ports. I thought it was okay until I played a video. The speaker doesn’t work now.
  • I was looking at a recipe on my phone and set it on top of the microwave. It vibrated for a phone call and fell into a pot of chili.
  • I was doing some work on my car and had the engine running. I accidentally dropped the phone into the engine area and it hit a moving part. Now the glass is cracked and the frame is bent out of shape.
  • I was changing the oil for my car and had my phone nearby. The oil overflowed and submerged my phone.

SquareTrade wants to know: What’s the craziest way you’ve damaged a device?