iCloud Basics: What is it & What it Can do For You

What’s iCloud? Just like the intricacies of your car’s motor or the convenience of a microwave, when something works just right, you usually don’t notice it. That’s the way it is with iCloud. iCloud quietly does its thing in the background while you do yours. iCloud is simply the name for Apple’s Internet-based services, and it comes automatically on all Apple devices.

Store and Share

iCloud enables you to store everything you need on the Internet, so it’s available whenever you need it, across multiple devices. This goes for photos, videos, music, apps, calendars, documents, and more. For instance, ensure access across devices to anything you jot down in Notes by turning on “Notes” in the iCloud area of Settings. Store documents on the Internet with iCloud Drive, which is similar to Google Drive. Share your location with family members by going to Settings > iCloud > Share my Location. And get notified of your Reminders, whether you’re using your iPad or your iPhone. 

My Photo Stream allows Internet storage of a max of 1000 photos, while the newer iCloud Photo Library allows a permanent photo upload to iCloud. This means you can keep as many photos as you want on the Internet. Need more storage?You’re automatically given a free 5GB of iCloud storage, and have the option to easily add more whenever you need it. 


Thanks to iCloud, you can backup your device in case you need to do a restore in the future, like when upgrading. A simple backup and restore can make your new phone look and act (almost) exactly like your old phone. 

Find your device

Lost your iPhone or iPad? iCloud lets you find it quickly using Find My iPhone/iPad/MacBook service. And in the unfortunate event your phone is stolen, you can quickly and remotely protect your privacy by locking it down or resetting it it to factory default.