iPhone 6s Offers More, But Will it Bend?

It’s hard to imagine what the iPhone 6s’ groundbreaking technology really feels like when I haven’t had the opportunity to experience the phone in action just yet. However, with all the hype of yesterday’s Apple Event, I envision that it’s able to take me back in time, morph into the Apple pencil AND call my mom for her birthday today.

Actually, its “new” 3D Touch technology – similar to that of the Apple Watch — is supposed to change the way we use our iPhones. Instead of tapping, you’ll simply press harder, or “deeper” as Apple likes to say. When you let go, the menu or preview will close.

This reminds me of how Pinterest (already) works, but the best way to clarify this is to explain how we’d use our Instagram or Facebook apps on the new 6s. For example, with 3D Touch, when you press and hold the Instagram app, a menu will appear. You’ll have access to things like a stream of photos, enlarging thumbnails and the ability to make photos larger in one simple touch.

It’s a similar concept with Facebook. 3D Touch will allow you to access a little menu that quickly provides you with the options of updating your status, taking a photo, checking in, or stalking… I mean, “searching” for the guy you met last weekend. If you want to navigate between Facebook and Instagram, 3D Touch – taking a page from Tinder’s book – will allow you to switch with a simple swipe.

Yes, we’ll also get a better camera (12-megapixels in the rear camera) and the A9 chip doubles up performance and energy efficiency by 70%. Oh, and let’s not forget there’s a new color, rose gold. Everyone is losing it over the rose gold.

Aside from all the fluff, iPhones have always been incredibly popular; they take snazzy photos, they’re sleek and easy to use. But with pros, there must be cons. It looks like the battery life may come into question and we may only get the answer when we test it out ourselves. And does anyone remember #BendGate?! The last iPhone bent under 110 pounds of force. Apple claims the new models will be made of a special 7000 series aluminum  – the stuff they use in the aerospace industry or more commonly in mountain bikes. So will the pretty-in-pink iPhone 6s bend under the pressure? Only time (and SquareTrade) will tell.

Photo via TheVerge.com