Mayor Lee Inaugurates SquareTrade’s New Office

Welcome, Mayor Ed Lee!

Welcome to SquareTrade, Mayor Ed Lee!

This past week, Mayor Lee dropped in to our very own SquareTrade HQ, as part of his Tech Tour Tuesdays. Talk about finalizing our move to the new building with a bang!

The office buzzed with excitement as we set up for the mayor’s arrival– we put up signs, popped some champagne and set up some… wait, SquareTrade cupcakes? That’s right! We’ve got those cupcakes covered!


Champagne and SquareTrade Cupcakes to Celebrate!

The mayor started his tour with some quality time with our CEO, Steve Abernethy, followed by some meet-and-greet around the office with the staff to get a full 360 SquareTrade experience.  A picture says a thousands words– judging by this next photo, it’s clear that Mayor Lee and Steve enjoyed each other’s company.

Mayor Lee and Steve shares a funny moment.

Mayor Lee and Steve sharing a funny moment.


Mayor Lee’s Meet and Greet with Kord and Rachel

Mayor Lee then joined the entire team for an introduction and to share his vision and efforts to help provide quality education, increase job availability and to push San Francisco to become the Innovative Capital of the World. Mayor Lee answered questions about the youth and opportunities in the tech world as well as questions about the upcoming new Warriors stadium during the Q&A. As the tour came to an end, Mayor Lee assisted us to an official ribbon cutting ceremony.

Ribbon cutting

Welcome to SquareTrade, Mayor Lee– we’d love to have you back soon!