Mother’s Day: Spoil Mom with These Tech Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and what better way to show mom some love than with these awesome tech gift ideas:

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Mom works all day and never gets a break. So giving her the gift of peace and quiet might bring tears to her eyes. The Sony WH1000XM3 leads the pack in noise cancelling headphones with superior craftsmanship and comfort. It even boasts a 30-hour battery life and takes only 10 minutes to charge with a full 5 hours of playback off a single charge to boot! And – if we’re being honest, giving mom the ability to tune you out (occasionally) seems like a win win for everyone!

A Foot Massager

After a long day, there’s no better way to wrap things up than with a trip to the spa. With today’s busy way of life, we know that’s not always possible. But your mom raised a quick thinker and you know that you can bring the spa to your mom with the snazzy foot massager. The Marnur Shiatsu Foot Massager replicates a professional massage therapist and offers heat, kneading, air compression, and more. The built in timer feature makes it easier to zone out while it works its magic. Give yourself a pat on the shoulder for thinking of this awesome gift.


Even if mom is a traditionalist, she needs this appliance. It essentially replaces about 8 nifty gadgets she probably already has in her kitchen: slow cooker, rice maker, steamer and hey, if she likes to make her own yoghurt, this thing can do it too. But wait there’s more! The Instapot can make eggs, cakes, steam veggies and even sterilize things. Impressive, huh? Not only are you helping mom save time, you’re also helping her de-clutter and isn’t that all she ever wanted? Now you’re her Insta-favorite.

A Digital Photo Frame

Does your mom have photos of the family all over the place? It might be time to get her a digital photo frame. Digital varieties make it possible to create slideshows and view multiple images on a single frame. One of the coolest parts about these is the ability to send photos directly to the frame from just about anywhere. Clearly, this means you need to send her daily selfies throughout the day just to let her know you’re thinking about her… and prove to your siblings you’re #1.

There’s a few good ones on the market but check out the Nix Advance photo frames. It has useful features like energy-saving and plug and play functionality. You can also preload a couple thousand photos of her favorite kid (you) since it comes with a 8gb USB stick.

The Dyson V10

Is mom a neat freak? If so, then the Dyson V10 is the the suckiest gift to give your mom this Mother’s Day 🤣 The Dyson V10 is arguably the uncrowned king of all cordless stick vacuums. Finally, mom no longer has to lug around her old brick vacuum, tripping over the cord. The Dyson V10 sports a noteworthy 60 minutes of cleaning time – she can clean the entire house on one charge! Also, when the house is clean, the cleaning unit detaches and acts as a handheld vacuum for the car. Ultimately, she won’t want to go back to her old vacuum after she tries this one !

Smart Plugs

Okay, so imagine mom just sat down to watch her favorite show… but she forgot to turn the lights off! Honestly, who wants to get up again? No one, especially you. With smart plugs, everyone can stay put. Amazon Smart Plugs give her voice-activated or smartphone control by simply plugging the unit into the power outlet and plugging in your lamp as usual. Bonus: they pair with Alexa and are capable of executing ‘routines’ that you program via the smartphone app. Ultimately, smart plugs are the first step to creating a smart and super chill home!

Electric Wine Opener

If momma likes her wine, she’ll totally appreciate being able to open a bottle in under 8 seconds flat. The Secura Electric Bottle Opener is battery operated, includes a foil cutter and rated #1 on Amazon. You can’t go wrong here.

Make it a Year to Remember with These Mother’s Day Gifts

While mom deserves to be pampered all year round, you’ve got one day to make up for… not pampering her all year round! Make sure that you’re spoiling her with only the best gifts and of course, hugs. Moms love hugs.