The Camping Gadgets You Need at Night

When you’re planning a camping trip, the most important checklist you need is for your gear. Safety, shelter, food and basic comforts are the top considerations, as well as what you may need for specific activities such as hiking or fishing. You also need to be sure you can function as well at night as you can during the day. There are some great gadgets and gear to help you do just that.

Let There Be Light

Once the sun goes down, you need to be able to see. While that may seem obvious, there are actually several factors to think about with your lighting. If you’re at a campground, you may have access to electricity so rechargeable lights work great. If you’re primitive camping or backpacking, that won’t be the case so weight and battery life matter more. The variety of lighting options can meet any setup and include:

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

 The sleeping gear available for camping today offers a fantastic range of choices to cover any season. There are both sleeping bags and sleeping pads that provide radiant heat for colder nights, giving any camper a better night’s sleep. There are also portable hammocks with awnings if you’d rather be off the ground. Or how about an inflatable pillow that also lights up? The choices are endless and a lot of fun to shop for!

Let the Good Times Roll

For many people, music and entertainment make any activity more enjoyable. If that describes you, then a must-have gadget would be a waterproof, Bluetooth capable speakers that are solar-powered. There are novel items for making s’mores and roasting marshmallows or hot dogs, making those time-honored camping traditions even more fun. From pressure showers to espresso makers, the amenities available for campers is growing every day. Roughing it no longer means giving up your guilty pleasures!