Online Personal Trainers: Do They Work?

When people think of personal trainers, they think of super-fit men and women helping others to get fit. Most believe that you must be in a gym setting to have a personal trainer. However, with the internet, all things are possible.

Online personal trainers are the same as regular personal trainers. They are there to motivate you. You give them a list of your goals, your weight, and your ideal weight. You might tell them exactly what kinds of equipment you own or can access (e.g., treadmill, a gym you go to, etc.). The trainer can then devise a plan for you to follow. And with all th e self-proclaimed fitness gurus on Instgram you may not even have to purchase any programs!

The reason that personal trainers are so effective is that they keep you accountable. Even if you pay for a trainer online, you will be required to update them, probably weekly. Some trainers require pictures and weigh-ins, by which they can decide if you need to make any changes. They will work with you to get the body that you want and to help if you have any troubles with any of the exercises. When you use someone online, you can work out at your convenience and it can be much cheaper than a regular personal trainer.

So, why wouldn’t it work? Many people are simply lazy. They work harder when someone is watching them and need the motivation of a personal trainer working right beside them. Also, it is easy to lie to your trainer when you check in. Maybe you were unable to complete all of the repetitions that you were supposed to, or maybe you skipped a workout. There’s definitely less accountability with a virtual trainer.

With new exercises, you might not know exactly how to do what you need to do. An online personal trainer may give you pointers and tips, but a real person beside you can show you exactly what you are doing. They can also watch you as you try it and correct any mistakes that you may make.

Drawbacks aside, it is possible to find a good personal trainer online and with all the fitness wearables, workout apps, and latest fitness machines, it’s really easy to forgoe the traditional gym and trainer. Hopefully, you keep motivated enough to keep up with your exercises so you can see results! It can be a great feeling to reach your goals.