People Who Have Cracked Phones Get No Love

Would you ditch a date after seeing what condition their phone was in? At least one out of four of your friends would.

In today’s modern world of the internet, tech, and selfie obsessed, is it really surprising that 59% of people think a broken phone makes them look less attractive?

MCP-1551_VdayInfographicHaving a cracked screen is not the silliest of superficial reasons people confess is a deal breaker. Lack of pop culture knowledge, poor writing skills, and even ugly shoes are apparently solid grounds for ending it. If your staring at your shoes right now, relax, they’re probably fine. But here’s a Buzzfeed article filled with hilarious reasons why people stopped dating each other. One of my favorites: She smelled like maple syrup. Always.

While smelling like maple syrup seems like a pretty good reason to STAY, we can totally understand a few of those mentioned above – especially since it could indicate a deeper, more concerning issue.

Hmm. Maybe these superficial reasons aren’t superficial at all. Maybe having a broken phone really does give your partner a heads up to potential relationship woes down the line.

You be the judge, but don’t say we didn’t warn you when your SO and their shattered screen forgets to pay the electric bill on time. In the mean time, don’t look less attractive, cheap or lazy at all and protect yourself against shattered phone screens.