Pillow Talk Brings you Closer, Despite Distance

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we introduce you to “Pillow Talk” now available for pre-order! “Pillow Talk” as the name implies, isn’t exactly what you’d imagine. In fact, we’re sure you haven’t seen anything like it.

Pillow Talk connects you with your loved one, even though they are miles and miles away. How? Each person wears a wristband that sends the sound of your heartbeat to a speaker you can tuck under your pillow at night.

See for yourself:

Originally designed for people in long distance relationships, it’s also been used by parents who have to be away from their children for extended periods of time. While it wouldn’t necessarily replace Skype as the Kickstarter page suggests, it does provide some additional comfort and security that connects you to your loved one when you settle in for the night.

Via Mashable