What’s On Sale? Your Guide to the Best Electronics to Buy at the End of Summer

If you’re looking to save on electronics, fall is the time to do so! Most retailers hold a big summer blow out to get rid of old stock and to usher in the new. This is your time to buy! Electronics are expensive, but they’re also necessary. From a brand new grill to a new generation iPad, dozens of valuable items significantly drop in price once those school bells ring. If you love good last minute deals, use this guide to help you shop smart and save more.

Laptops: What’s On Sale?

In the dog days of summer, back to school sales are in full swing, and consumers everywhere are rejoicing. If you know that your high school grad needs a new laptop, wait a bit. Studies show that laptop prices drop by as much as 8% to 25% in August and early September. If your student can’t wait until September, don’t worry. The same data suggests that August has an average of 24% more deals on computers than the following month.

The Outdoor Livin’ Deals Are Good

Sure, you want to take advantage of the last days of summer by grilling on a brand new grill. However, studies show that if you wait until September to purchase one, you can pay as little as $75! If you’re looking to cut back on your mowing time (and to make it a bit easier), check out what’s on sale in the rider department. The Balance suggests that September is the best time to buy a new mower. Mowers take up a lot of space on the sales floor, and even more space to store. They have no choice but to get rid of them half the time. Finally, now that the brutal heat waves are just about past, ACs are going on sale, with prices dropping by nearly half! If you want to beat the heat next summer, shop now.

Last Minute Deals On Smart Technology

 Whether you want to send your kid back to school in style or just want to treat yourself, make your upgrades in late October or early November. Apple typically unveils its new technology in September and October. Wait a few weeks after the unveiling for prime pricing. If you’re in the market for a new TV, go ahead and shop in August. August has the most discounts on TVs than any other summer month. It’s also the last opportunity you’ll get to shop TV deals until Black Friday. If you’re in the market now, don’t wait!

If you’re hoping to upgrade your electronics this year, wait until summer is over to see what’s on sale. You’ll be glad you did!