SquareTrade Makes Gift Giving Easy

Did you know that 43% of households have damaged a Christmas gift in the first month? That’s why it’s important to have your gifts protected from Day 1.

Fortunately, SquareTrade’s here to help out: Purchase any of our protection plans and we’ll send you a confirmation email with instructions on how to gift it to anyone on your list. You can even pick the day you want to transfer the plan into their name.

First, click this link in the confirmation email:

Next, you’ll want to enter your policy number (from the confirmation email) and the date you would like the coverage to begin, plus the name, email and address of the gift recipient.

Click submit and you’re all set for gift-giving bliss.

So when you’ve purchased that iPad, Nexus 10 or the like for your (very lucky) gift recipient, just follow the instructions on the confirmation email for a smooth warranty transfer.

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