SquareTrade’s New Year’s Eve Survival Guide

We’ve seen how many folks damage their devices all year round and if you’re one of the lucky ones, it’s the home stretch! Time to ring in the New Year with out any accidents. Whether you’re staying in, hitting the town, or going to a fancy party, we know how crazy New Year’s Eve can get. Follow these easy tips to ensure your smartphone’s safety.

1) Don’t leave your phone on the bar


We all make the mistake of placing our smartphones on the bar when we’re out drinking. While you’re busy taking shots or chatting up a cutie two things can likely happen. One: It may get stolen (which we don’t cover) and two, someone, including yourself may accidentally spill alcohol on your device. Unfortunately, we can’t help you with hangovers, but we do cover accidental spills. However, if you can avoid spoiling your evening by keeping your cell tucked away we suggest you do just that!

2) Keep your smartphone out of the restroom


It may seem like simple stuff to avoid, but placing my phone in my back pocket while using the ladies room has resulted in many cracked screens in my day. And I wasn’t even drinking! Even more disturbing than dropping the phone on the floor is dropping it in the toilette bowl. It’s in your best interest to keep your phone in your purse to avoid a dreaded (and germ-infested) bathroom accident.

3) Don’t take selfies while inebriated!
Taking a selfie with a group of people is challenging enough and while we don’t want to question your one-handed picture-taking skills, you’re no pro when your vision is impaired! It’s hard to choose the right filter with a shattered screen, so opt for a selfie stick or, ask your designated picture taker to take one for you to ward off any mishaps!

4) Use a locating app


We lose things all the time: keys, wallets, and people. This New Year’s Eve may run more smoothly if you and your friends have downloaded an app like “Drunk Mode.” The app helps you find friends, where you were last night (in the event that you can’t remember) and even stops you from drunk dialing. It’s also a good idea to get Tile. You can attach it to your keys, wallet, or even keep it in your pocket to help you locate the stuff you don’t want to lose.

5) Don’t dance and call

Your New Year’s Eve party may include some dancing and simultaneously calling loved ones while belting out “The Final Countdown”.  Maybe don’t do that – you risk the chance of stumbling or a fellow party-goer knocking the phone out of your hands while they’re doing “The sprinkler” or busting some other moves.

You have been warned! Happy New Year!