SquareTrade’s Steve Abernethy: Creating an Award-Winning Workplace

Our very own Steve Abernethy tells Bonusly how he and the SquareTrade team created one of the best places to work in the Bay Area!

Most leaders want to build a workplace that employees are exhilarated to be a part of, but it’s not something that happens on its own. Award-winning workplaces come from thoughtful effort, and awareness of what truly drives and motivates you and your team.

We met with SquareTrade‘s Steve Abernethy, who shared some excellent insights into how he and his team built one of the Bay Area’s best places to work.

Q: SquareTrade has been voted as one of the Best Places to Work in the Bay Area for the past two years running. For you, what makes SquareTrade the best place to work?
A: Most everyone is happier and works harder and smarter if they believe in the mission of a company, and they see their work making a tangible difference.

SquareTrade is a disruptor, and I think most everyone likes to be actively reshaping an industry for the better to benefit consumers. We’re on a mission to transform the old-school warranty industry, which has a reputation for terrible customer service. SquareTrade culture is very action-oriented, so employees are aware of their daily impact on our success.

We can actually see the transformation happen as we grow, win new partners, continuously innovate and improve our services.

Q: Building and maintaining a positive work environment doesn’t only benefit employees. What are some business advantages to SquareTrade’s investments in a positive work environment?

A: Maintaining a positive work environment not only makes employees happy; it makes partners and customers happy too. Our environment encourages employees to think creatively about business problems, challenge the status quo and ultimately deliver better service.

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