Super Bowl Stats That May Surprise You!

The Super Bowl is this Sunday and we’re sure many of you can’t wait for loaded nachos and touchdowns! While we can’t think of anything better than chowing down and high fiving our friends, we know there are bound to be more than a fumble or two.

And that’s not even on the field! Whether you’re clumsy or just hotheaded, accidents happen, and often. Just last year alone, Americans spent $9.8B repairing and replacing their smartphones.


This is even more relevant if you’re a Patriots fan. Not only are the Falcons favored to win over the Patriots, Pats fans are more likely to have damaged phones than Falcons fans. According to our recent study, 36 percent of Pats fans have had a smartphone accident in the past 12 months compared to 31 percent of Falcons fans. How’s that for a false start?!


We know that Falcons fans are pumped (it’s their favorite sport) but we want to know who you’re rooting for. Me? I still can’t get over the huge coat Tom Brady was wearing a few weeks ago.

If you’ve recently purchased a new device, be sure to protect it before game day!