Tech Gifts Your Family Wishes You Got For Them

Tech gifts are the way to go.

The holidays have come and gone faster than we can say where’s the gift receipt? and we can’t help but think about all the things we wish we asked for. Since we’ve got time on our hands now that we’re not throwing elbows at the mall, we’ve gathered a list of would-be-awesome gifts had you thought to give them! Don’t worry, there’s always birthdays, Valentine’s, Mother’s, and Father’s day.

For Dad

Amazon Fire TV Stick: $39.99

This little thumb-drive-sized piece of hardware comes with a whole world of streaming possibilities. The Fire TV Stick turns an ordinary TV into a smart TV, allowing users of services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and HBO Now to link all their subscriptions in one place. Then all the accounts stream wirelessly to the family TV.

So, really, it’s more of a tech gift for everyone (don’t tell dad).

For Mom

Fitbit Alta Leather band: $59.95

This functional-yet-stylish fitness tracker will blend into any wardrobe (it comes in a variety of colors) while informing mom about her health and fitness habits every day. It’s lightweight, not too flashy, and more or less perfect way for mom to feel hip with the times.

For Sister

7” Fire Tablet: $49.99

This 8GB tablet may not have a ton of storage but it’s got all the basics, and it functions as a full-color e-reader, too. If you’re looking to make up for the scarf you bought for  your sister, this is a great gift.

For Brother

House of Marley Portable Bluetooth Speaker: $39.99

The ideal tech gift for Brothers Who Love Terrorizing the Family with Loud Music everywhere! Or, hopefully, for Brothers Who Love Going Outside with Loud Music. In all seriousness, this small-but-mighty speaker is perfect for beach days, riding in cars with “meh” stereos, tail gaiting, and all the other mysterious things your brother loves to do.

For Kids

Crayola Easy Animation Studio: $18.74

This gift is great for the tech-savvy child and the not-so-tech savvy child alike. The Easy Animation Studio lets kids color in the coloring book, a fun analogue activity in itself, and then bring their drawings to life using a tablet and the Easy Animation app! The moldable figurine lets them pose the main character and snap photos using the app, too.