The Clumsiest States for iPhones and iPads

Do you drop your iPhone and iPad a lot? Well, now some of you have something to blame it on: it’s not just you, it’s the STATE you live in! SquareTrade has taken a look at all of the Accidental Damage from Handling (ADH) claims for iPhone and iPad warranties that are at least 6 months old, projected them over 2 years and came up with the top 5 clumsiest states for each.

Now stop wondering and take a look!

Clumsy States: iPhone

For iPhone, out of 125,834 claims, the top 5 clumsiest states were…

1) Mississippi

2) New Mexico

3) Rhode Island

4) North Dakota

5) South Carolina

Clumsy states: iPad

As for the iPad, we looked at 56,046 claims and the clumsiest states turned out to be…

1) Mississippi (again!)

2) Nebraska

3) Washington, DC

4) New Hampshire

5) Alaska

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