The Coolest Tech For Your Kitchen

The kitchen is where people create some of the most mouthwatering masterpieces. Here at SquareTrade we want to help you create those awesome dishes so we’re letting you in on some of our favorite gadgets to keep those delicious dishes coming!

Somabar, the modern in-house bar


Start off the night with a few cocktails made with your very own robotic bartender. No fuss about well drinks here. With the use of an app, you can create customizable drinks thanks to refillable pods. The machine will infuse bitters, mix your drink, and flush itself after every cocktail is made so your drink is always on point. Pre-order this badboy now and start ordering your drinks as soon as you leave the office.

Pantelligent, because overcooked meat sucks

Good luck blaming the stove for overcooking dinner now! With the help of an app, this super cool pan (equipped with a temperature sensor) let’s you know when your food is ready. This technology is so next level that it even pings you when your food should be flipped, when to adjust the temperate, and when to add in your ingredients. It talks to you just like GPS. Sorry Suri, Pantelligent has you beat.

Drop Scale for non- bakers

Baking is hard. With Drop Scale, you’ll never burn a set of muffins again. The scale is connected to your iPhone where it will guide you through your selected recipe. You can tailor the recipe if you need to double it, or scale back if you don’t have enough of one ingredient. The recipes are built in, pictures included, so you never doubt if what your doing is right or not.

Prep Pad, portion control made easy

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 3.09.17 PMBorrowing off the Drops Scale’s idea, This gadget helps you measure your food and determine it’s nutritional content. How? Simplly place the food on top of the scale and the app that is connected to your iPad will give you all of the necessary information once you’ve told it what you’re having!

With all these cool gadgets we can’t wait to get in the kitchen! How about you, besides a dinner-prepping robot, what would you like to see on this list?