The LG Rolly Keyboard is Pretty Cool

Portable keyboards aren’t a groundbreaking invention but ones that rolls up like miniature yoga mats are pretty convenient. South Korea-based LG electronics has unveiled a snazzy, full-size keyboard (slated for this month) that simply rolls up and fits snuggly in a purse, laptop bag, or even a back pocket. When you feel the desire to type, simply unroll and type away.

The beauty of this Bluetooth 3.0 keyboard is that it’s lightweight, features plastic support arms that can support 10-inch tablets, and uses one AAA battery that will keep it going for months. It also allows you to connect to two different devices, toggling between the two at the touch of a key. Impressive stuff, especially if you really dig the feel of typing instead of tapping on your tablet.

Check it out in action:
Photo via LG Newsroom