The New iPhone – Better, Faster, Stronger?

I’m not the most technology savvy woman in the world, but I know what’s up. There have been all sorts of rumors floating around about the new iPhone set to hit the market this fall, so I thought I’d break down some of the rumored features in simple terms so that us regular people can understand.

Series 7000 Aluminum

iPhone’s response to #BendGate is using a custom alloy (same as the Apple Watch Sport and for even easier terms, it’s what competition bicycles are made out of, Tour de France anyone?) that would render the exterior at least 60% stronger than the current model, the 6 and 6 Plus. This will also make the new model slightly thicker, though you shouldn’t be able to notice. What this all means is that it won’t bend as easily under “normal” pressure, or when you’ve had 4 slices of pizza and sit on it. There will also be two gold tones to choose from, rose and regular yellow gold.

Better Camera

Likely one of the biggest reasons we all want new phones; we’re expecting a better camera for all our selfies and brunch pictures. The newest iPhone is suspected to limit noise (in other words some of the blur) and improve low-light snapshots (so you don’t have to use flash) with its 12-megapixel rear camera. This means clearer, crisper images even when lighting is less than ideal. Another great rumored feature? 4K video recording (that means really great video, like think Sundance documentary) and improved slow motion features. This all leads me to believe I’ll need to shell out for the bigger 64GB phone to hold my mini-documentaries and Natioinal Geographic-level landscape photos. Also, fingers crossed we’ll also get improved front-facing features like slow motion video capabilities and flash.

Faster Processing

Much like your brain will work better after a morning cup of coffee, an improved processor means the iPhone’s performance will be better and faster. Rumors have it bumping up to 2GB RAM and an A9 internal chip – in other words Snapchat, Instagram and Vine will all load much quicker!

Force Touch trackpad

Reminiscent to the Apple Watch, the newest iPhone is said to be equipped with Force Touch Trackpad. It’s is fancy way to say that the new iPhone will be able to sense the mere force of a tap. It also reacts differently to different forces in pressure – which will ultimately change the way you are accustomed to using your phone. This is supposed to allow the user to multitask while in different apps and execute a variety of features as well.

As per usual with the new generation we’ll also get  a new iOS pre-installed, maybe the new taco emoji will be included! Since this is expected to be an “s” generation we can expect similar screen size but more color options and some nifty new photo features. Straight forward, but also cool, stuff. So my fellow technology-challenged friends, what are you most excited about?

By Angelique Picanco

Photo via Business Insider.