The Super Bowl is Super Bad for Your Phone

The Super Bowl is only days away and no matter which team you’re rooting for, some fumbles are bound to happen on and off the field.

On average, American sports fans have spent more than $2.4 billion on damaged phones, phones they likely totaled while watching or even participating in a game. Come Sunday, diehard Broncos and Panthers fans are just as likely to have their own mishaps!

In the heat of the moment a bad play, an interception, or even a lousy call made by the ref can have any fan delirious with rage. While many of us have witnessed a punch to the couch, even heard a few four-letter expletives during a game, there are about 15% of fans that are guilty of some serious unsportsmanlike conduct against their smartphones.


Scoring a temper-induced touchdown with your phone isn’t the only damage devices see come game day. Twenty percent of adults are also penalized with a personal foul, accidentally dropping their smartphone in the toilet.

While nothing will curb your passion for the game, consider a few foolproof tips on safeguarding your device this Sunday. Since you’re watching the game, there’s no need to be holding your phone, place it out of reach, especially during the game! Similarly, you might feel the urge to see what’s trending on Twitter in between commercial (and pee) breaks. Opt to check your phone during game breaks, but keep the phones out of the bathroom.

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