The Worst Smartphone Damages SquareTrade Has Ever Seen!

Americans spend over $10 Billion on iPhone repair last year. In fact, we’ve estimated that more than 50 million smartphones will have seen their untimely death by the end of the 2015.

There’s nothing like the feeling of dread when you accidentally drop your phone. Seeing it fall, almost in slow motion as it plummets to the ground, unable to do anything about the soon-to-be shattered device. Horrible.

What if I told you that the damage could have been worse? Besides water spills and broken screens, we’ve seen a whole lot of O-M-G. Take for example this phone below. It’s hard to imagine what scenario would yield this kind of destruction. Judging from the melted battery, I’m not sure if it was accidentally baked at 375F or, someone set it on fire — accidentally, of course.

IMG_0406It took me a while to realize the wreckage below was actually a phone. It almost seems like it was dropped… from the 17th floor of an apartment building and then, ravaged by abnormally large and somehow razor-toothed rats. The said rats obviously brought the remaining  pieces back to their rat kingdom made of miscellaneous phone parts, a la Ratatouille but with less rat cooking. If you have a better explanation as to where the rest of this phone is, by all means…

IMG_0413Here we have a modern day Picasso abstract art piece that depicts our generation’s inability to detach from technology, rendering today’s youth lonely, isolated, and introverted. I’m kidding. This guy dropped his phone in a bucket of paint while he was Googling: “How to DIY paint my college dorm.”

IMG_6161I’m pretty sure it’s obvious to most, but maybe phones should come with some guidelines. Like, Caution: Do not play fetch with smartphone.

IMG_0791Mmmm, S’mores. Oh wait, it’s just a toasted phone. Again, hard to imagine how this happened. Probably accidentally dropped in a camp fire while making said S’mores.

unnamed-2Really, gang. If these photos didn’t make you feel better about your cracked screen, I don’t know what will. Someone get me some S’mores.

By: Angelique Picanco