Top 10 Things To Buy at Wholesale Clubs

Wholesale clubs have not only become popular with consumers who are looking to save money, they’ve also become trendy with young couples looking to score some cool decor items and bulk groceries.

Many of these shoppers treat their biweekly or monthly trip to the warehouse as an excursion, with a shopping list and detailed budget in hand. The savviest of club members know how to find the best deals on the most useful products.

Are you ready to start saving money? SquareTrade has compiled this top ten list of purchases to take advantage of next time you head to your favorite wholesale club.

Paper Plates/Cups

If you have a graduation or birthday celebration coming up, paper dishes are a bulk buy where you’ll benefit big. Between second helpings and dessert, many partygoers use more than one plate, so you’ll want to buy more than you think you’ll need. Wholesale clubs usually have large quantities at super low prices.


It seems like every time you buy a package of batteries, they disappear faster than you anticipated. These are always good to have on hand, and stocking up can save you a lot of money on a pretty expensive necessity.


If you’ve done your research and know precisely what you’re looking for in a laptop or desktop computer, a wholesale club is a great place to make the final purchase. You’ll save a significant percentage off the retail price and it may even come with a bundle of extras.


Very few people replace their toothbrush as often as they should. It’s the type of item you intend to put on a grocery list, but it continues to be forgotten. Buying several ensures you have them when you need them, and their small size makes them really easy to store.

Frozen Foods

Frozen snack foods like French fries, tater tots or chicken nuggets are a great value in bulk. They keep for a while in the freezer, and they’re also the perfect option for large at-home gatherings where you might need a lot of food, like game-day parties or sleepovers.

Activity Trackers

Wearable technology has become a popular way of making big lifestyle changes. Activity trackers allow you to monitor your fitness level and record your sleep patterns. These are a great buy at most wholesale clubs, so pick up more than one and include your whole family in the transition to healthy living.

Gift Cards

You might be thinking that gift cards are worth what they’re worth, but wholesale clubs often sell gift card values at discounted prices. Buy gift cards for a variety of retailers, and use them like cash when you’re out shopping.


Don’t wait until Black Friday to get a good deal on a flat screen. On top of discounted prices, large electronic purchases like these usually come with warranties and free delivery.

Streaming Devices

With so many people cutting the cable cord these days, streaming devices have become the ideal replacement. You’ll likely invest in one per television in your home, so your savings will start to add up the more you buy. You can also usually get good deals on protection plans for these devices.


Whether it’s prescription or over the counter, medicine is one thing that you’ll never stop buying. For a repetitive purchase like this, it’s a good idea to take advantage of even the smallest discount. The savings will add up over time.

A wholesale club visit can be an adventure for consumers on the hunt for low prices and the best deals available. You can find all kinds of values at warehouse clubs, whether you’re shopping for household commodities or expensive electronics, and SquareTrade can get you the best and most affordable protection plan for your newest device. With all these savings available to you, it’s time to start planning your next shopping trip!