Unveiling the new emoji of 2018

Redheads everywhere celebrate!

Unicode Consortium, the group behind creation of beloved emoji, just announced a collection of 157 fun new emoji to be added to keyboards everywhere in the second half of 2018 via their v11.0 release.

The new collection consists of superheroes, a pirate flag, body parts, a peacock, and *finally* folks with red hair, as well as many others. Science geeks will love the addition of the lab coat, microbe, test tube, petri dish and goggles. Crafty folks will enjoy the addition of the yarn, thread spool, safety pin, and toolbox. Designs are tentative and subject to change pre release.

Have an idea for an emoji of your own? Unicode Consortium accepts emoji proposals. Check out this link to read about the process and listen to this podcast to hear how Mark Bramhill got his unique emoji design accepted by Unicode in 2017.

For more emoji fun, try this tool to create a custom emoji mosaic.