Well played, Chevrolet. Well played.

How do you traumatize a bunch of people in to remembering your brand forever? You nonchalantly take their smartphone and throw it into a woodchipper. That’s exactly what Chevrolet did to an oblivious focus group in their latest campaign.

The YouTube pranks taps in to our generation’s incessant need to be connected online. Introducing In-Car Chevrolet Wifi!

The trick is set up in typical “focus group” fashion. Participants are asked to hand over their phones because: No Instagram selfies allowed, duh. Once they hand their smartphones to the organizer he casually chucks them into to a very obvious woodchipper nearby.

Watch the shock that ensues.

(FYI, SquareTrade doesn’t cover smartphones intentionally thrown into woodchippers…)

Via DesignTaxi