When to Look Up from Your Phone

Are you reading this on your smartphone? If so, it’s probably just one of countless of items you’ll be browsing today. But what about putting it down for a while and focusing on the here and now, even if you don’t have to? Here are some situations where it might be beneficial to look up.

Crossing the road

Many road accidents are attributed to mobile phone use, either by pedestrians or drivers, so make sure you’re not the next victim. Some US states and cities are considering banning “phone-walking” – or using cellphones while walking through town – in an effort to cut the collisions.


If you’re susceptible to travel sickness, looking at your phone while moving may bring on nausea or induce a dull headache, either of which can ruin a trip. So if you’re setting off on a long journey, particularly if it’s by car, bus or boat, open a window, sit back, and give the phone a rest.

In a beautiful place

You may be admiring a gorgeous scenic view on your smartphone, but what about the scene before you? Sometimes, the getting a photo or Snapchatting can be so absorbing, and you end up missing out on something in your own world. Enjoy the moment.

With friends

When you’re with friends and you’re all clicking away at your smartphones together, it can feel a little lonely. It’s also rude if they’re all talking and you’re checking your Instagram. Start a conversation and get everyone else to stop clicking too.

With children

A common problem for parents and caretakers is that as soon as they start speaking or texting on their phone their child will start demanding their attention, even if they were playing happily on their own a moment before.  If this happens to you, they’re probably just letting you know they’re feeling a touch left out. They may be waiting to share a discovery or achievement with you. Be sure to always dedicate time (sans smartphone) to children – so that when you do need a couple minutes on a device they aren’t feeling neglected.

When you should be sleeping

It may not be wise to keep tapping at your smartphone before bed. While a majority of people often browse their social platforms before turning in, it probably keeps you up much longer than you anticipated. If you’re too hooked to put it down, give yourself a cut-off time and set the alarm to bring you back to reality and get those 8 hours in.