Xbox One or the PS4: Game on!

Ever since the E3 conference, the excitement to own these next-gen gaming consoles has increased exponentially. Much anticipated soon-to-be-released console-exclusive games and unique console-related features make a huge difference in the gaming world and ultimately, which console you opt for! Of course, with all these awesome games being released, let’s put down a list of the top reasons to consider the Xbox One Vs. the Sony PS4.

Pro Xbox One

Larger size: Though the Xbox might be larger in comparison to the PS4, Microsoft allows more air room to circulate, which is likely to ensure the console does not overheat even when under strain for prolonged periods of time. Always remember to stretch during breaks though!

Kinect: The Xbox Kinect is definitely really cool to play, without using a controller to send commands,  you can make air commands and the game would respond accordingly. Sony Move, isn’t quite there yet.

Exclusive games: If you’ve never played any of the Halo titled games, it’s a great time to get started! But it’s not just Halo! Guardians will be the console’s real superstar. Love ICO or Shadow of the Colossus? You’ll be happy to know that the very same studio will be involved and their games are not just beautiful but also enjoyable. Let’s not forget Rise of the Tomb Raider, which is a timely exclusive game on the Xbox One. Ever since the reboot of Tomb Raider by SquareEnix, a lot is expected from the next game and the trailer presented during the E3 conference. That alone just makes buying the Xbox One more desirable.

EA Access: EA’s new subscription gaming service is currently only exclusive to the Xbox One. So if you’re a particular fan of EA, you can pay a certain fee to access a collection of games via the EA Access Vault.

3D Blu-ray support: Finally! After a lengthy wait, you can now watch your 3D Blu-ray titles on your Xbox One too.

Backward Compatibility: During the E3 Conference, Microsoft announced something that left every surprised. Yup! You guessed it. Backward compatibility! This feature is available with no additional costs and now you can play Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One. For now, a list has been compiled regarding the games that would be backward compatible with the console and not all 360 games would be available, however; this is still a huge jump for Microsoft.

Some Reasons to pick the PS4

Smaller Size: If you would prefer a smaller console, the PS4 works well because it doesn’t take up too much space. Also the PS4 incorporates its own power supply, whereas, the Xbox One has its very own power brick. This is a big win if you would like to take your console to a friend’s place.

More Powerful: The PS4 has a significantly more powerful GPU (Graphic Processing Unit) as compared to the Xbox One. So, it’s about 50 percent more powerful.

Remote Play for Vita: For the PS Vita owners, this is a win. The remote play is pretty neat and lets you play full PS4 games on your Vita over your Wi-Fi connection.

Exclusive Games: If you’ve played the Uncharted series, you definitely won’t want to stop now. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is the first uncharted game to come to the PS4 and won’t be available on the Xbox One. inFamous: Second Son is also one of the Sony exclusive games that are limited to the Sony PS4 along with The Last of Us: Re-mastered. Let’s not forget Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Shenmue III and Horizon Zero Dawn – all amazing games to look out for on PS4.

3D Blu-ray support too: Just like the Xbox One, the PS4 also now has 3D Blu-ray support. However; no Intel yet regarding word on media support for the PS4 anytime soon.

Well, that’s all we can sum up for now. But overall, both are amazing next gen gaming consoles and technology never ceases to amaze! Hope this helps you decide what to get this birthday or Christmas!

By: Farah Abro

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