You’ll Never Guess How Much Broken Devices are Costing Parents!

Just a hint: it’s beaucoup dollars.

Just the other day, I was having a “Just Dance” dance-off with my little sister (she loves that game). It was all fun and the running man until I looked at my smartphone (mid-moves) to check my text messages. My sister, intensively following the choreography, swung her arms around like she was channeling Beyoncé and punched the phone right out of my hands. We watched it fall to its demise, almost in slow motion, and we were unable to react quick enough to save it.

It took a moment for me to count to ten in order to be able to speak to her, but eventually I shrugged it off and told her not to worry. We’d just get dad to repair it. But replacements and repairs, I discovered, cost a fortune. In fact, US parents spend a whole lot of money fixing laptops, smartphones, and tablets their kids damage every year.

See the shocking tally for yourself in the video below.

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