The Best Apps for Singers

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Are you a singer looking for new tools to help with your craft? If so, your smartphone is a powerful singing tool thanks to a range of apps for singers. These apps can help with everything from vocal coach exercises to getting ready for the studio to learning new songs. 

Whether you’re hoping to improve your tuning or get help harmonizing, any one of the apps for singers on this list can help you improve your vocal game and help you connect with other singers from around the world. 

Tune Your Vocals With Pocket Pitch

As a singer, you know that having a well-tuned voice is essential to nailing those high notes and sounding your best. But what do you do when you’re not in front of a piano or other tuning instrument? That’s where the Pocket Pitch app for singers from the Apple App Store comes in handy. This app helps singers tune their vocals on the go.

Pocket Pitch helps you find and play notes quickly with its pitch pipe and a piano. So, it gives you two of the most essential tools for singers in one app.

The app’s pitch pipe is impressive and you’ll swear you’re using an actual pitch pipe when you hear it. The sound is so genuine because it uses professional audio recordings.

Meanwhile, the keyboard has six octaves of pitches, which is excellent for warming up your voice or playing a few notes.

Sing Along With Friends Using Smule

Smule is a social singing app that allows you to practice and record yourself singing. You’ll definitely have fun and make your voice sound great whether you’re recording with your camera on or off.

Impressive features of this app include:

  • The free Sing Live feature that lets you sing live with friends and other singers around the world
  • Over 10 million of your favorite karaoke songs with scroll-down lyrics
  • Audio effects you can add to your voice
  • An on-screen pitch guide
  • You can sing along with recordings of famous music stars

By perfecting your pitch, you can carry a tune with confidence no matter what you’re singing. Smule is available for Apple or Google devices.

Learn Four-Part Arrangements With Sing Harmonies

The Sing Harmonies app from professional vocal coach Susan Anders is an app for singers of all ages to help you better understand singing in harmony and improve your harmonizing talents. 

With its four-part vocal arrangements, you can use the Sing Harmonies app to play or mute any of the vocalists as you sing along. 

The app makes it easy to learn to sing together. While there are more than 50 songs available for in-app purchases, the app comes with three songs:

  • Lean On Me
  • Proud Mary
  • Teach Your Children

There’s no need to know how to read music or sing to use the app, and its vocal range goes from easy to challenging.

Sing Harmonies is only available for Apple products through the App Store. 

Get Your Vocal Cords Ready With Warm Me Up

Warm Me Up is an all-in-one voice tool for warming up your vocal cords.

Simply download this app for singers and then set it up to match your voice. You can also do 60 vocal warm-up exercises spread out over five different groups. The app starts with simple exercises and then works its way up to more difficult ones.

Another useful feature of the Warm Me Up app is that it creates a warm-up that’s unique and personalized. You can set the app to make a warm-up based on how much time you have or you can look through the in-app tracks and make warm-ups yourself.

You can download Warm Me Up on both Apple and Android devices.

Stay on Beat With the Tempo App

Tempo is a timekeeping app for singers and musicians available for both Android and Apple devices—think of it as a metronome for your smartphone.

Besides keeping time, this app can track time passed or number or bars played.

For a more interactive component, Tempo allows you to preset tempos into set lists, which you can share with others via email. Then, your setlist recipients can import them right into their own Tempo app.

Additionally, you can operate the Tempo app hands-free with an AirTurn Bluetooth controller, which you can buy separately in handheld and foot-controlled versions. One version of the AirTurn controller even works by tapping a drumstick.

Up Your Singing Skill With Today’s Apps for Singers

If you’re looking to improve your vocal skills, today’s technology offers a lot. There are a variety of apps for singers that can help you fine-tune your music theory skills and even sing with friends. 

So, why not give one or more of these apps for singers a try? You never know, they might help you make your mark on the music industry.